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The planning stages



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As this was going to be OUR temporary home away from home and not just a weekender vehicle we wanted a flexible layout with two living zones, front and back where one person could sleep while the other could stay up and read, catch up on e-mails, work, etc. (only one of us is retired).

Did not want/need:

  • A generator
  • king-size sofa - neither of us wanted to crawl in and out at the foot of the bed.
  • windows down the driver's side as these would be blocked by the cabinets/bathroom.
  • sink or shower in bathroom
Must haves:
  • the ability to rotate the driver and passenger seats
  • desk area at the front using driver's rotated driver's seat
  • fixed twin beds with a centre structure of the same height, half the length from the head of the bed down.  This would stop us from bumping heads on overhead back cabinet and give us full shoulder and arm space when sleeping. This could be accomplished by using a stored "Lagun" table top with a pillow at the same height as the mattress
  • maximum storage capacity inside and out including
    • storage in the running boards
    • basement storage (cut out inside the van to hold a metal box)
    • kitchen, wardrobe, pantry, overhead bins (except in cab)
    • a plug and shelf for a C-PAP machine
    • a place for the puppy to rest out of the way
    • coffee maker storage
  • bathroom - composting toilet only with urine disposal into grey water tank
  • exterior shower connection
  • VB air suspension
  • bug screens
  • AC / Heating
  • soap dispenser at kitchen sink
  • single induction unit
  • convection oven
  • portable BBQ

Nice to have:

  • Granite counter top
  • Teak wood cabinetry
  • Ultra leather walls and ceilings
  • Froli bed system
  • Lagun table system
  • RV Superbag bedding system